Scientific Instrumentation (ERIS)

Team leaders : Angela Vella & François Vurpillot

Team members : I. Blum, W. Lefebvre, L. Rigutti, B. Deconihout, G. Da Costa, F. Delaroche, J. Houard

Post-doc : C. Hatzoglou, L. Arnoldi, P. Dalapati, M.-H. Mammez

PhD. students : A. Normand, M. Borz, C. Bacchi, L. Venturi, B. Klaes, A. Ayoub, F. Chabanais, L. Rousseau


The Scientific Instrumentation Research Team (ERIS) is devoted to the development of Atom Probe Tomography (APT). Since 50 years, scientists and engineers have constantly pushed the limits of the instrument towards better resolution and capabilities. During the past years most of the work has been focused on the improvement of sample preparation techniques (especially using FIB) and the development of ultra-short laser pulses to broaden the fields of application to functional materials and to guarantee quantitative measurements. Part of the work is carried out in collaboration with CAMECA, the only industrial company providing commercial APT instruments.

Within the international community, the laboratory is recognized for its leadership in the field (3D atom probe, field emission and laser-matter interaction). The laboratory provides its deep expertise through the French national network CNRS METSA. The laboratory is also known for its "French-style" atom probe tomography school held every year in October where engineers and scientists from GPM share and disseminate their cutting-edge expertise with worldwide participants.

Research projects cover a wide range of innovative approaches, including Ultra-short laser pulsed atom probes, innovative detectors, innovative ion optics systems, ultra-short pulse generators, spectroscopy techniques, etc.). The team has created a unique instrumental platform at the GPM without any equivalent worldwide. These interdisciplinary facilities gather state-of-the-art instrumentation benches (Three UHV test chambers, several femtosecond laser chains, several spectroscopy benches, etc.) and are open to academic and industrial partners to carry out cutting edge fundamental or applied research.