Metallurgy, Ageing and Mechanics

from atom to structure

Leader : Xavier Sauvage

The department leads cutting edge research in Physical Metallurgy. Thanks to the combination of up-to-date multiscale characterization techniques, research projects are carried out on metallic alloys at all length scales, from thermomechanical tests down to atomic scale imaging.

This experimental multi-scale work is supported by numerical approaches adapted to different scales. Four research teams are working on the understanding and optimization of the performances and of the aging behavior of present and future structural materials. It covers more specially the fields of energy production and materials for the automotive industry. Innovative processes such as additive manufacturing and surface treatment by ion implantation are also addressed. Specific research projects are dedicated to the fundamentals of phase transformations in metallic alloys (ERAFEN team), materials under extreme conditions (ERMEN), surfaces of materials affected by environmental conditions (CEVIMAT team) and mechanics of materials (ERMECA team). A significant part of this research is carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners (for example GPM has established joint Labs with EDF and Manoir Industries).