Fundamentals of phase transformations in metallic alloys

Team leader :  Helena Zapolsky

Team members : W. Lefebvre, D. Lemarchand, D. Ledue, D. Blavette, P.E. Berche, F. Danoix, B. Hannoyer, R. Patte, G. Demange

Post-doc :  A. Al-Baalbaky

PhD students : B. Gadgics, H. Kanso, O. Nakonechna, A. Dahlstrom, A. Taieb, H. Zadeh Haghighi, G. Rose 


Improving the performance of materials is an important challenge that requires identifying, understanding and therefore modelling thermodynamic properties as well as kinetics and ageing mechanisms under different external stresses (temperature, magnetic field, stresses and others). In this context, ERAFEN's research activities are structured around the following themes:

  • Mesoscopic and atomic scale modelling of the ageing kinetics of materials. (J. Boisse et al. - Acta Materialia, 2007, 55(18):p.6151-6158. H. Zapolsky et al. -Phil.Mag., 2010,90(5):p.337-355. C. Pareige et al - Phys.Rev.B, 2007, 75(5):p.054102-1-054102-8)
  • Modelling of the magnetic properties of multilayer materials by the Monte Carlo method and assemblies of ferromagnetic nanoparticles (semi-analytical approach). (E. Talbot et al. -J. Phys. Appl., 2009,106(2):p.023901-1 023902-10)
  • Structural (tomographic atomic probe) and magnetic (SQUID, Mössbauer spectrometry...) characterization of magnetic multilayers. (A. Tamion et al. Surf. Inter. Analysis, 2007,39:237-239).
  • Modeling of diffusion mechanisms in semiconductors. (S.D. Koumetz-Comput. Mat. Sc., 2008,43 :p.902-908).


Our modelling work is carried out partly in collaboration with industry. The aim of the collaboration with NEXANS is to understand precipitation kinetics in aluminium-based alloys. Our group is also one of the partners in the RTRA Contract, within the framework of the call for tenders "Sciences and Technologies for Aeronautics and Space" (partners CIRIMAT Toulouse, CROMEP Albi, GPM Rouen). The objective is to develop a model describing the phase transformation kinetics in Fe-Cr-Ni alloys under external stress. Other scientific projects and collaborations are:

  • Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, Pr. A. G. Khachaturyan
  • Institute of Materials Physics in Space by German Aerospace Center, Cologne, Pr. P. Galenko
  • Group on Theoretical Physics at Linköpings University, Sweden, Pr. I. Abrikosov
  • KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, Pr. A. Ruban
  • Franco-Algerian collaboration PROFAS
  • Laboratory of Mathematics, Physics and Systems, University of Perpignan, Pr. H. Kachkachi
  • IP "THALU" project (COST 535) as part of the 6th Framework Programme
  • DRM "Phase Field", "TRANSDIF", "Nano-alloys".
  • PEPS " CRISTalline Phase Fields. Phase transformation in "Aluminium" alloys