Electrical component reliability and failure (ERDEFI)

Laeder : Olivier Latry

Team members : P. Dherbecourt, E. Joubert, M. Masmoudi, J. Marcon, K. Mourgues, M. Idrissi

Post-doc : N. Moultif, T. Neveu

PhD Students : J.Z. Fu, S. Bennouna

Most of research activities are connected to industrial collaborations within the framework of the Mov'eo competitiveness cluster or the Carnot ESP Institute. This research is usually applied to both automotive and aerospace industries and is devoted to the study of reliability and failure analysis of electronic components.


We aim at developing means new analysis protocols of degradation phenomena and failure of components in microelectronics thanks to the following facilities:

  • Static and dynamic electrical characterization benches.
  • Thermal ageing benches and in operational operating conditions.
  • Machines for opening the packaged components (Sesame 1000 and Jet etching)
  • Emission microscopy (Phémos 1000)


Thanks to the laboratory's prestigious state-of-the-art equipment (high-resolution transmission electron microscopes, APT, FIB), the understanding of degradation or failure phenomena can be carried out on different technologies and complement measurements in the electrical field.

Special benches have been designed for ageing of transistors of different technologies such as Bipolar Heterojunction Transistors (TBH), LDMOS transistors, SiC-based VJFET transistors or HEMT GaN in the radio frequency domain.