Magnetic material for applications (ERMMA)

Leader : Jean Juraszek

Team members : V. Nachbaur, L. Lechevallier, M. Calvo-Dahlborg, R. Lardé, F. Richomme, U. Dahlborg, A. Fnidiki, M. Jean, J.M. Le Breton, S. Chambreland

Post-doc : F. Ayadi, A. Aboulatif; F. Appert, A. Imam

PhD Students : K. Nakouri, L. Diallo, M. Kchaw, L. Fourati


Projects carried out in ERMA aim at understanding the relationships between structure (microstructure, nanostructure, local atomic structure) and magnetism of Materials. These activities are especially devoted to the study of applied magnetic materials, with two main topics:  materials for spintronics and hard magnetic materials