Nano-structured and architectured materials

Objectives: process-microstructure-properties relationships

Approach: elaboration, multiscale microstructural analyses and numerical modelling

Means : spark plasma sintering, déformation+TTH, casting, additive manufacturing

Materials : steels (316L, 304L), copper alloys


Microstructure analysis of the sample of the series S-II with 75% UFG / 25%
CG: (a) EBSD orientation maps and (b) associated grain size distribution for the whole
sample, in a large grain size contrast area (blue delimited area) and in a purely UFG area
(red delimited area).




Yield stress vs plastic strain to failure for unimodal and bimodal samples of three series.




(a)(b)(c) Axial strain on model microstructures computed up to 1% total strain. UFG mean grain size is equal to 0.5m and CG size / UFG size ratio is set to 10.




3D polycrystalline aggregates with 10 percolated CG in a matrix of 950 UFG.
Tensile test up to 1% total strain (plane stress boundary conditions).