Statut : Post Doctorant
Equipe : ER2MP

Curriculum Vitae

12/09/2016 – Nowadays

Fellow Assistance at University of Normandie Rouen. France

  Project   Super high efficiency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Thin-film solar cell approaching 25 %. Horizon 2020 Funded. ( Grant agreement N 641004.

01/09/2012 - 31/08/2016

Fellow Assistance in OxfordMicromechanics. Department of Materials at University of Oxford. UK

          Project:  Nanoscale  mapping  of  local  strains  in  III-V  nitride  thin  film  by  High  Resolution  Electron

backscatter diffraction (HR-EBSD). EPSRC Funded. (


1. Front Cover of Journal of Microscopy. September 2017.

2. Scheme Award for Best paper in the symposium 18th ASTM International Symposium on Zirconium in the Nuclear Industry. “Understanding corrosion and hydrogen pickup of Zr nuclear fuel cladding alloys- the role of oxide microstructure, porosity, suboxide and SPPsby Hu, Jing; Setiadinata, Brian; Aarholt, Thomas; Garner, Alistair; Vilalta-Clemente, Arantxa ; Partezana, Jonna; Frankel, Philipp; Bagot, Paul; Lozano-Perez, Sergio; Wilkinson, Angus ; Preuss, Michael; Moody, Michael ; Grovenor, Chris.

3. Recognition of the best poster presentation in symposium A (InN material and alloys).

Poster   presentation   at   The  structure  of  InAlN/GaN  heterostructures  for  High  Electron  Mobility Transistors, Vilalta-Clemente A., Poisson M.A., Behmenburg H., Giesen C., Heuken M. and Ruterana P. in EMRS fall meeting, 14-16 September 2009, Warsaw, Poland


  • Rubidium  alkali  distribution  in  Cu(In,Ga)Se2  thin  film  solar  cells. Arantxa Vilalta-Clemente, Mohit Raghuwanshi,  Sébastien  Duguay,  Celia  Castro,  Emmanuel  Cadel,  Philippe  Pareige,Philip  Jackson, Roland Wuerz, Dimitrios Hariskos, and Wolfram Witte. Applied Physics Letters 112 103105 (2018)
  • Quantitative  imaging  of  anti-phase  domains  by  polarity  sensitive  orientation  mapping  using electron backscatter diffraction. G. Naresh-Kumar, A. Vilalta-Clemente, H. Jussila, A. Winkelmann, G.  Norze, S.  Vespucci, N.  Subramaniyam, A.J.  Wilkinson, and C.  Trager-Cowan.  Scientific Reports 7, 10916 (2017)
  • Mapping   Anti-phase   domains   by   polarity   sensitive   orientation   imaging   using   electron
    backscatter   diffraction.   G.   Naresh-Kumar,   S.   Vespucci,   A.   Vilalta-Clemente,   H.   Jussila,   A. Winkelmann, G. Norze, N. Subramaniyam, A.J. Wilkinson, and C. Trager-Cowan.
  • Diffraction   effects   and   inelastic   electron   transport   in   angle-resolved   microscopic   imaging applications. A. Winkelmann, G. Norze, S. Vespucci, G. Naresh-Kumar, C. Trager-Cowan, A. Vilalta- Clemente,    A.J.    Wilkinson,    M.    Vos.    Journal    of    Microscopy,    0,    1    (2017)
  • Cross-correlation  based  high  resolution  electron  backscatter  diffraction  and  electron  channeling contrast  imaging  for  strain  mapping  and  dislocation  distribution  in  InAlN  thin  films.  A.  Vilalta- Clemente,  G.  Naresh-Kumar,  M.  Nouf-Allehiani,  P.  Gamarra,  M.A.  di  Forte-Poisson,  C.  Trager- Cowan,  A.      J.      Wilkinson,      Acta      Materialia,      125,      125      (2017)          
  • On  the  composition  of  microtwins  in  a  single  crystal  nickel-based  superalloy.  D.  Barba,  S. Pedrazzini, A. Vilalta-Clemente, A. J . Wilkinson, P.M. Moody, P. A.J. Bagot, A. Jérusalem, R. C. Reed. Scripta Materialia  127, 37 (2017)
  • A  mechanistic  study  of  the  temperature  dependence  of  the  stress  corrosion  crack  growth  in

    SUS316  stainless  steels  exposed  to  PWR  primary  water.  M.  Meisnar,  A.  Vilalta-Clemente,  M. Moody,   K.   Arioka,   A.   J.   Wilkinson,   and   S.   Lozano-Perez.   Acta   Materialia,   114,   15   (2016)   
  • Tutorial:  Crystal  orientations  and  EBSD   Or  which  way  is  up?.  T.B. Britton, J. Jiang, Y. Guo, A.

    Vilalta-Clemente, D. Wallis, L. N. Hansen, A Winkelmann, A. J Wilkinson. Materials Characterization.

    117, 113 (2016)
  • High-Resolution Electron Backscatter Diffraction in III-Nitride Semiconductors. A. Vilalta-Clemente, G.  Naresh-Kumar,  M.  Nouf-Allehiani,  P.  J.  Parbrook,  E.  D.  Le  Boulbar,  D.  Allsopp.  P.  A.  Shields,  C. Trager-Cowan   and   A.   J.   Wilkinson.    Microscopy   and   Microanlaysis   21,   2217   (2015).
  • Analysis  of  dislocation  densities  using  High  resolution  Electron  Backscatter  Diffraction. A. Vilalta- Clemente, J. Jiang, B. Britton, D. M. Collins, and A. J. Wilkinson. Microscopy and Microanlaysis 21,

    0944 (2015)
  • Using transmission Kikuchi diffraction to study intergranular stress corrosion cracking in type 316 stainless  steels. M. Meisnar, A. Vilalta-Clemente, A. Gholinia, M. Moody, A. J. Wilkinson, N. Huin, and S. Lozano-Perez. Micron 75, 1 (2015)