Séminaire 23 Mai 2022 15h

23 mai 2022 - 15h
Alexandre Lebon
Laboratoire Chimie Électrochimie Moléculaire et Chimie Analytique de Brest

“Hydrogen absorption and adsorption in low dimensional systems”

The transition towards hydrogen economy urges the need for new hydrogen storage media. Presently most of the storage solutions rely on the application of high pressure typically of 700 bars or 70 MPa. This range of pressure is convenient for large transportation systems like boats or trains but it is prohibitive for daylife transportation systems like cars.

Hydrogen inserted in solids or molecular hydrogen adsorbed on top of functionalized monolayers are plausible alternatives. For the former, we have analyzed the chemical structural and electronic changes induced by H absorption. Some mechanical aspects are unraveled by the study. For the latter, adsorption of molecular hydrogen is examined on decorated monolayer systems with quantum chemical tools and with statistical physics arguments.