Seminar 11th October 14h Dr Li Tan

The title of the seminar proposed is "“Electric double layers (EDLs): the nanometer interface between electrolyte and metal electrode”.

Dr Li Tan is Associate professor of the University Nebraska Lincoln, the new co-director of the common lab AMME, and works in the Nebraska Center for Materials & Nanoscience and in the Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department of the College of Engineering.

The abstract is : Electric double layers (EDLs) exist everywhere when there are ions or charges (yes, in solids too). This seminar will pay particular attention to EDLs inside ionic liquid electrolyte of aluminum-ion batteries. While most perceptions treat EDLs as stationary interfaces, we disagree. I will explain why we choose aluminum-ion batteries as the study object for EDLs. We will look at battery charging and discharging events and correlate them to compositions and possible configuration changes from EDLs. In the end, I will provide a somewhat more realistic picture of EDLs. The work in this seminar has been published on Nature Communications (2021, 12, 820) and as a Cover Article on Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2022, 10, 8178). Li Tan is the corresponding author for both articles, where Ms. Xuejing Shen (graduate student) is the first author.