Material for Microelectronic and Photonic (ER2MP)

Team leader: Etienne Talbot

Team members : D. Blavette, E. Cadel, C. Castro, S. Duguay, R. Lardé, P. Pareige

Post-doc : -

PhD Students : E. Azrak, R. Demoulin

Projects in the ER2MP research team are dedicated to the atomic scale characterization and modeling of materials for applications in fields ranging from micro or nanoelectronics, to photonics, to photovoltaics. Thus, the majority of the nanomaterials studied in our team are semiconductors or insulators whose electrical or optical properties have been modified during their development by the addition of specific impurities. The characterizations, carried out in particular by coupling the atom probe tomography and transmission electron microscopy, aim at linking macroscopic properties of these materials to their atomic structure. New phenomena that have been identified experimentally are also modelled.


The ER2MP team has three main research topics:

1) Micro and Nanoelectronics

The aim is to solve material science problems in the field of electronics. Thus, the topics covered range from basic research (e. g. study of boron precipitation in silicon) to industrial research (analysis and modelling of transistors). Three axes can be distinguished:

  • Sub-topic 1: Nanoelectronics: from processes to the latest generation components
  • Sub-topic 2: Spin electronics: magnetic semiconductors (GeMn...)
  • Sub-topic 3: Microelectronics: Study and modelling of power components

2) Photonics

 The "photonics" topic is essentially focused on the correlation between nanostructures and optical properties of materials for light emission.

  • Sub-topic 1: Semiconductor nanocrystals in a dielectric matrix
  • Sub-topic 2: Nanostructured thin films doped with rare earths
  • Sub-topic 3: Nanostructure of materials for high energy lasers
  • Sub-topic 4: Study of materials for LED lighting

The associated collaborations are mainly academic collaborations (CIMAP, CEMES, SPINTEC...) and give rise to various projects (ANR, LABEX).

3) Photovoltaic

 This research topic is based on the characterization of photovoltaic materials, one of the most emblematic energy sectors for "sustainable development". The materials that are analyzed range from "thin films" to massive materials (silicon).

  • Sub-topic 1 : Polycrystalline thin films of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGSe)
  • Sub-topic 2 : Semiconductors III-V
  • Sub-topic 3: Photovoltaic on silicon

The associated collaborations are mainly academic collaborations (IMN in Nantes, University of Cadiz...) and give rise to various projects (ANR, METSA).