Semi-crystalline Polymers

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Team members : E. Dargent (PR), A. Esposito (MCF), N. Delpouve (MCF)


Our multidisciplinary and international group is developing original approaches to investigate new generations of biobased and/or biodegradable polymers, which are for the most part semi-crystalline.
In collaboration with our academic partners, our experimental and theoretical approaches focus on:
(1) the thermal stability (processability window);
(2) how easy it is to obtain completely amorphous samples (critical cooling rate);
(3) the stability of the glassy phases (physical aging);
(4) the ability to crystallize under conditions close to forming (crystallization from the molten state) or storage and use (cold crystallization from the glassy state);
(5) the molecular mobility in the amorphous phases, as well as the coupling between amorphous and crystalline phases;
(6) the resistance to hydrolysis (chemical aging) depending on the microstructure;
(7) the ability to degrade in the presence of bacteria, possibly in aquatic environments.