Disordered systems and Polymers

Leader : Allisson Saiter-Fourcin

The research activities carried out in the department "Disordered Systems and Polymers" focus on the fundamental mechanisms of molecular relaxation in disordered and/or vitreous macromolecular materials. The objective is to verify and/or establish the physical laws describing the relaxation kinetics in relation to the material structure, as well as as a function of the loads and stresses that the materials  undergo during use. The influence of confinement and size effects is also studied. The research activities also include the investigation of physical aging, in particular for oil-based and bio-sourced organic polymers, nanocomposites and natural fiber composites. Some of these activities are carried out in close collaboration with industrial partners. Recently, a research activity on additive manufacturing of polymer parts has been initiated to study the relationships between processing, selected shapes and polymers, and final properties.

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